Hardware Design Services

Embtech Innova provides board design solutions based on Microcontrollers/Processors, including high and low-speed configurations. Embtech Innova has in-house multi-layer PCB design, Signal Integrity; regulatory review helps us develop products per regulatory standards. 

With several years of experience delivering cost-effective and high-quality embedded electronics products, we cater to different market verticals such as Automotive, transport, consumer, medical and more. 

Our systematic approach to designing Hardware helps our customers accelerate time-to-market and ensure a quality product.


Cortex-M0, M4, M7 etc. controllers and Cortex A8, Cortex9 based processors.  Example: IMX6, IMX7, IM8, STM32L, STM32F series

High speed bus interface DDR3/, DDR4/LPDDR/mDDR interfaces, NOR/NAND Flash, eMMC PCI, PCI-X, SDIO, MIPI/LVDS-display, VGA Display interface etc.

High speed ADC / DAC circuit design, Audio Codec, Amplifier and Filter design SMPS Power, supply Design with battery charger

GSM – 2G, 4G, NBIOT, LoRa, WiFi, Bluetooth BLE and Classic, GPS

Ethernet, USB 3.0, SPI, I2C, RS485, RS232, CAN

Coffee machine - LCD Touch screen

Communication board

Infotainment device

Keyless Solution for EV Bike

Keyless Solution for Two Wheelers

Personal tracker with GSM, GPS and BT

SC20 Communication Board

SOM Board