Solutions and Platform

Embtech Innova’s customised solutions effortlessly integrate embedded technology into existing infrastructures – enhancing operations, efficiency, and opportunities.


Wearable Solution

Monitors heart rate, SpO2, & skin temperature & BLE activated, LED indications


Smart Coffee management

Android OS, Remote data monitoring, Configurable display images/videos, 8-different flavor choices, Capsense keypad.


Smart Charging Point for EV

Smart solution to build and operate AC charging points for EVs with advanced features like connectivity, monitor power usage, manage charging sessions, and provide remote access to operate & optimize EV charging.


Mobility Solutions

Our Solution combines hardware, software, and communication systems that enable real-time monitoring, diagnostics, route optimisation, fuel management, and antitheft, among other vital functions.


Spray Automation Solution

Finds its applications in handling and managing suitable atmospheres for perishable articles during storage and transportation. The product’s auto-mist spraying solution helps keep the articles hydrated and fresh. 

Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS)

In e-government applications, point-of-sale services enable access to and payment for government services.

consumer appliance

Brushless Direct Current Fans(BLDC)

BLDC ceiling fans are energy-efficient and contemporary. Advanced technology and engineering give these fans a better performance, energy savings, and convenience.